Friday, September 4, 2009

We're Here... Now What?

Playing at fountain park (Riverside & 41st)

So the semester is in full swing, and you have time on your hands without your student... Maybe you're even new in Tulsa... what to do while your student is in the library all day (and all night, and all weekend?) Over the past year, Alex (now 17 months) and I explored (and fell in love with) Tulsa! Here are our recommendations:

 1) Invest in a zoo pass ($60) and an aquarium pass ($85).
 In addition to many day trips by ourselves or with friends, one of the great benefits of having a pass was being able to rescue my husband from the library after a big exam - even if only for an hour or two - and go to either the zoo or aquarium (which stays open late on Tuesdays).

  2) Library story time.
 Tulsa has an excellent library network and we often went to story time. Just pick your nearest library and search for "storytime". Our home library was Hardesty, which has an amazing children’s center.

 3) Sanity Saver?
 I found that the YMCA Childwatch program offered the most reasonable childcare (FREE with family membership) and allowed me to work out in peace! They offer assistance for families who qualify (if you’re living on med school loans, you probably do!)

 4) Cultural Excursions
 We took advantage of last-minute free tickets to the Tulsa Ballet (keep an eye on your student’s email!) The Philbrook Museum is free the 2nd Saturday of every month – the museum is wonderful, but the outdoor gardens are even more impressive. The Gilcrease Museum offers free admission on the 1st Tuesday of each month, but I haven’t been yet – want to join me?

 5) Riverside Park(s).
  I know warm weather is fading fast, but I can’t help mentioning the amazing parks on Riverside. There are playgrounds at 19th, 41st, and 96th street on the east banks and 21st street on the west bank. Our favorite by far is at Riverside and 41st. In addition to its awesome family friendly playground and unique fountain / water displays that are kid friendly even for the littlest ones, the location is not far from the medical school, which again, makes for a great place to pull off a short kidnapping of your medical student. If you have more time, check out one of the pink bicycles you can “rent for free” by swiping your credit card. We also love Hunter Park, west of Sheridan on 91st (playground, splash park, and dog park), La Fortune Park, north of 61st on Yale (playgrounds and walking trails), and Woodward Park, 21st & Peoria (picnicking and rose gardens).

 I know this only skims the surface of what there is to do in Tulsa, but these are awesome opportunities for outings with the kiddos OR just some one on one couple time (well, except for maybe story time…it’s up to you!)

What are some of your top places to go in and around Tulsa?

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  1. Thanks Desiree for putting this list together! I have a couple additions I'd like to share. Turkey Mountain Wilderness Area (which is part of Riverside Parks) is a great place to get away from urban life. It includes a ton of trails up to 5 miles long. Also, downtown is wonderful with lots of fun restaurants/bars to visit--Dwelling Spaces is a funky home store, too. Utica Square is always great too. It has lots of restaurants, cute shops and cultural events/festivals.


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