Sunday, January 22, 2012

Recent SAA Happenings

This past Friday we had a playgroup at Miss Ellie Petersen's house to celebrate her 3rd birthday!
The fishing game was a hit.
Sadly my phone was confiscated for most of playgroup so I have minimal pictures particularly none of the birthday girl, sorry.
Saturday the AOOA had their Winter Seminar at the Hard Rock Casino.  One of the advocates, Flo Conklin, had everything set up for us to make our own bracelets.

I was pretty excited with how mine turned out.

As was Joy.

They had the most delicious hors' doeuvres for us to snack on while we handcrafted our bracelets.

 Some of the ladies hard at work.

 We all took turns showing off our new merchandise.

After the jewelry festivities were over Janell & Walli took us to lunch at Toby Keith's. 

A big THANK YOU to all of our advocates for including us in your party AND taking us out.  The key to our hearts is definitely jewelry and food!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Spring 2012 Playdate Schedule

I know you all have been waiting for it and here it is!  =)

12th (Thursday):  Coffee & Play (Woodland Hills Mall Play Area, behind Starbucks) @ 10:30a
20th (Friday):  Bekah's House @ 10:30a
26th (Thursday):  Aquarium @ 10:30a (2 & under FREE, 3-12: $9.95, Adults: $13.95)

1st (Wednesday):  Schusterman Library Storytime @ 10:30 (All ages)
9th (Thursday):  Janelle's House @ 10:30a (Valentine's Party)
17th (Friday):  Open for those still wanting to host.
23rd (Thursday):  Airika's House @ 10:30a

2nd (Friday):  Bounce U 10-11:30 ($6.95 per child)
8th (Thursday):  Joy's House @10:30a
16th (Friday):  Apryl's House @ 10:30a (St. Patrick's Party)
19th-23rd: SPRING BREAK!!!
30th (Friday):  Blue Bell Ice Cream Tour (time TBA)

5th (Thursday): Airka's House @ 10:30a (Easter Party)
12th (Thursday): Desiree's House @ 10:30a
19th (Thursday):  Jessica's House @ 10:30a
27th (Friday):  Zoo (2 & under FREE, 3-11: $4, Adults: $8)

3rd (Thursday):  Janelle's House @ 10:30 (End of the Year Party)
11th (Friday):  Blueberry Farm

I also wanted to do some weekend events this semester to include some of our kiddos who are in school.  
Jasmine Moran is in Seminole, OK a bit of a drive but I think it would be so much fun.  Depending on how many would want to go we can set up a day for this.
Also maybe just a few park dates on the weekends, dates TBA.