Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Spring 2012 Playdate Schedule

I know you all have been waiting for it and here it is!  =)

12th (Thursday):  Coffee & Play (Woodland Hills Mall Play Area, behind Starbucks) @ 10:30a
20th (Friday):  Bekah's House @ 10:30a
26th (Thursday):  Aquarium @ 10:30a (2 & under FREE, 3-12: $9.95, Adults: $13.95)

1st (Wednesday):  Schusterman Library Storytime @ 10:30 (All ages)
9th (Thursday):  Janelle's House @ 10:30a (Valentine's Party)
17th (Friday):  Open for those still wanting to host.
23rd (Thursday):  Airika's House @ 10:30a

2nd (Friday):  Bounce U 10-11:30 ($6.95 per child)
8th (Thursday):  Joy's House @10:30a
16th (Friday):  Apryl's House @ 10:30a (St. Patrick's Party)
19th-23rd: SPRING BREAK!!!
30th (Friday):  Blue Bell Ice Cream Tour (time TBA)

5th (Thursday): Airka's House @ 10:30a (Easter Party)
12th (Thursday): Desiree's House @ 10:30a
19th (Thursday):  Jessica's House @ 10:30a
27th (Friday):  Zoo (2 & under FREE, 3-11: $4, Adults: $8)

3rd (Thursday):  Janelle's House @ 10:30 (End of the Year Party)
11th (Friday):  Blueberry Farm

I also wanted to do some weekend events this semester to include some of our kiddos who are in school.  
Jasmine Moran is in Seminole, OK a bit of a drive but I think it would be so much fun.  Depending on how many would want to go we can set up a day for this.
Also maybe just a few park dates on the weekends, dates TBA.


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