Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bandanas, Bingo and Balloons, Oh Boy!

The Oklahoma Osteopathic Association had their annual convention in Norman, OK from April 27th -30th. Over 400 doctors attended the convention along with their spouses. The Advocates to the OOA had close to 50 members attend the different events. Four members from OSUCOM SAA attended; Jammi Bailey, Leslie Stair, Lynsie Harmon, and Sasha Big Hair.

The Advocates have a booth in the exhibit hall where they raffled a mink coat, 42 inch TV, iPad, Kindle, beef and more! They also take silent auction bids for many great items. SAA members helped run the booth and sell tickets for the raffle. It was fun to meet the doctors and spouses who came by the booth and to get to know all the Advocates. Many friendships and connections are started at the conventions.

Dinner is always followed with dancing. Thursday was a casual hoedown with bbq and cobbler. Hay bales and bandanas decorated the outdoor country themed area. Two steppers were dancing and swinging their partners around to a live band. SAA helped sell bingo cards to the families who attended the Friday night dinner and dance. Supporting the Advocates who in turn support our SAA is rewarding and fun. The fun didn’t end after the auction and bingo; the SAA members got busy on the dance floor and worked of the yummy food. Lynsie and James Cyrus, Dr. Scott & Janell’s son, won the ‘twist’ dance competition. They were also the youngest ones entered!

All SAA members are welcome to attend the convention. The AOOA rent one room for SAA members to share and the OOA pay for all our meals and entrance into the different events. I can’t wait to go next year and see all my Osteopathic friends!

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