Friday, February 10, 2012

Meeting Minutes: 2/9

Tonight's meeting went great!  It was a night of camaraderie, food and a little business.  =)

Our president Amanda and vice-president Apryl set up everything beautifully. 

We had lots of yummy treats.

The delicious cake Amanda made. 

 Some of the girls.

 Sherri Martin, the AAOA President, came and talked with us tonight.  Thank you so much Sherri, we really enjoyed all that you had to say.

Down to Business with the Meeting Minutes:
A. Budget
    a. Valentine Dinner
    b. SAA Shirts
    c. Cookbooks (e-mail your recipes to Apryl)
        --> Committee: Apryl, Amanda, Amber, Des

B. ATOMS Meeting-February 16th @ 11:30am
    a. No Childcare

C. Admitted Students Day- February 18th
    a. Signed-up: Amber, Amanda, Apryl, Des, Airika

D. Spouse's Panel- March 13th @ 7p

E. SAA Pampering Event- March 24th (possible date)
    a. Tascina Gamrell- former SAA member
    b. Mary Kay Consultant
    c. Pampering Night

F. Spouse's Award
    a. Send your 4th year spouse vote to Amanda.


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