Thursday, April 5, 2012

Eugene Fields Health Fair

This afternoon OSU-COM had the Health Fair at Eugene Fields.  This is such a great educational tool. The kids love it as well as their parents and it makes learning a lot more fun when you get to see REAL hearts, lungs and BRAINS!!

Allison, myself and Apryl were there on behalf of the SAA and there was a great turn out by the kids and parents.

Allison was in the gym helping to run one of the booths. Apryl helped with set-up and I was in charge of making the hamburger patties. 
The cafeteria was full of hungry, eager people and I believe the gym was full too.  What a great community outreach!!

* Playgroup is Friday at Airika's, the evite is posted on the facebook fan page.
*Meeting to vote for officers is Tuesday, April 10th.


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  1. sorry i was going to be there but ended up having a kid instead


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