Friday, August 24, 2012

Meeting Minutes 8.23.12

                                                                  Meeting Minutes
                                                    August 23, 2012


*VP BBQ will be September 22 and we need a couple of people to help set up and clean. If anyone has any lawn games please let us know if we can use them. You may contact Joy or Allison.

*Oktoberfest will be October 17-19 and we need volunteers for the parking lot Wednesday through Friday. The shifts will be 4 hour shifts and you will need to be up at the school by 4pm, if you cannot make the full 4 hrs that’s fine just let us know what you can do. If you have kids and would like to help but, you don’t have childcare you may volunteer to watch the children of those who also don’t have childcare. You would be inside at the school.

*Sppok-O-Ween will be October 26. We need help setting up and cleaning up as well as manning booths. Allow 3 hours for set and there will be 6 different booths. If you volunteer at a booth you would be explaining the games and handing out candy.

*Thanksgiving-Date TBD. We will have pot luck desserts. You can contact me Britney R if you would like to bring a dessert.

Upcoming Events

*There will no longer be emails going out about the playdates. Jessica will post the playdate information on facebook every week. There is a correction on two of the dates: Oct. 5 will be at Bounce-U and Nov. 2 will be at Jessica’s house.

*Snack Day for the students will be Tuesday September 4(first round of tests). If you would like to bring something that would be great, just make sure you have it at the school be noon. If you want to send it with your student that will be fine. You can bring meat trays, veggie trays, fruit, etc.

*Couples Day out will be Saturday September 8 at the Oilers Ice Arena from 12 to 4 and we’ll go for coffee after. Another fun way to get to know everyone!

*Family Day out will be September 15. Afternoon picnic at Woodward Park. 21st between Utica and Peoria.
The next meeting will be September 4 @ 6:30. We will have a quick over view of upcoming events and then a guest speaker. Maghin Abernathy on IRAA.
  **Don’t forget to buy your T-shirts if you haven’t already**

 Meeting Attendance: Britney Ramkaran, Brittany Fisher, Kari Ransdell, Kirsten Griffin, Andrea Clark, Jami Leavitt, Chanel Raines, Charity Broam, Allison Johnston, Kelly Smith, Kimberly Smith, Terri Priddle, Yvonne Brodrechnova, Janelle Norman, Apryl Pritchet, Jessica Owens, Amber Wilson, and Joy Vedros.

Thank you!
-Britney R.

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