Sunday, January 13, 2013

Birth Announcements

Besides making the grades our medical students are great at making babies.  We had several born last spring and into the summer but we've had a few that have just recently made their arrival.

*October Baby*
Mr. Huck Lee
Proud Parents:
Amanda and Brian Lee (MSIV)

*November Babies*
Miss Syri Ramkaran
Proud Parents:
Britney and Damian Ramkaran (MSIII)

 Miss Fiona Freeman
Proud Parents:
Kelly and Randy Freeman (MSII)

*January Baby*
Mr. Bennett Evilsizer
Proud Parents:
Susan and Tyler Evilsizer (MSII)

We usually don't go long before a new wave of babies comes, so I'm sure I'll have more announcements to make soon.  =)


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