Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Meeting Minutes 3.5.13

                                                           Meeting Minutes 3.5.13

It's official!! We've elected a new office for the new school year.

President: Joy Vedros
1st V.P.: Allison Johnston
2nd V.P.: Brittany Fisher
Treasurer: Kirsten Griffin
Secretary: Kimberly Smith

Congratulations Ladies!! It's going to be a great year!!

The next event we have coming up is State in Norman. We need some volunteers to go and help set up the booth and maintain it. The dates will be April 18th thru the 20th. Thursday is set up, Friday will be running the booth, and Saturday will be the President's Reception which will be a Western Theme. Seeking Sitters will be available. AOOA will also pay for one Hotel Room, the room just needs to be reserved. If you pay for the room they will reimburse you as long as the room is used. If you have any further questions please get with Meghan A.

Playgroup this week will be Saturday at the Philbrook Museum. Jessica will post all the info on fb.

The next meeting will be April 2nd and we will do the Spouses Panel that day.

-Britney R.

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