Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Playgroup Madness!

This week we've had 2 playgroups!! One planned and one just spur of the moment.

Our first date was at the Bixby Fire Station.  We got a tour of their quarters and got to sit in a REAL fire truck!!

Look at those sweet babies!

This may sound weird but I thought the grill/entire front of the fire truck was beautiful!

Our tour group leaders.

Group picture before Miss Averi decided to take a dive.

 This morning we all met up for a random, but fun, trip to the zoo!

Some of the kiddos enjoying the view of the monkeys. 
Most of them were inside because it was actually pretty warm.

Next, we were on to the elephants which everyone enjoyed.
Especially Miss Aubrey.

The tortoises were a hit.

The lion put on a show for us, while he played with whatever that big blue thing is.  =)

Mr. Rockstar himself, Scout, wasn't too impressed with the penguins.

Hadley trying to warm up to Tour Group Leader: Harmony, to find out our next destination.

Miss Aubrey waiting ever so patiently for the train to arrive.


 A beautiful day for a train ride.

Hope to see you at the next playgroup at Bekah's house!


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