Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I have not been very good about posting all of our new arrivals so I'll put them all together on this post! In order of arrival:

*Mr. Eli Priddle*
Proud Parents: Josh (MSII) & Terri Priddle

*Mr. Conrad Harmon*
Proud Parents: Steve (MSIV) and Lynsie Harmon, Proud Big Brother: Raymond
 *Miss Alexandria Raines*
Proud Parents: Jeff (MSI) & Chanel Raines
 *Mr. Huck Petersen*
Proud Parents: Jim (MSIII) & Bekah Petersen, Proud Big Sisters: Ellie & Averi
We also have several buns in the oven!!!

Summer Babies:
*Mr. Parker Wilson*
Proud Parents: Charles (MSII) & Amber Wilson

*Mr. Jack Kirkpatrick*
Proud Parents: Lindsey (SAA Liaison) & Ty (1st year resident) Kirkpatrick

Fall Babies:
*???? Lee*
Proud Parents: Brian (MSIII) & Amanda Lee, Proud Siblings: Harmony, Spencer & Scout

*???? Ramkaran*
Proud Parents: Damian (MSII) & Britney Ramkaran, Proud Big Brother: Peirson

Congrats to all the new and expectant parents!!
This list is growing everyday, I hope I got them all!


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