Friday, May 4, 2012

Last Home Playgroup

Today was our last home playgroup before summer starts so I sat up a summer themed table.  =)

 No playgroup is complete without yummy treats!

Thanks Jessica for the delicious spinach dip!!

We had a great turn out. 

Some of the girls!
(Note: Britney (left) is the newest member to the SAA preggo squad.)

Hadley Joy was loving the bike today, like most days.  =)

As you can probably tell by Hadley Marie's face she was being pretty devious with the hammer.

These two girls were "stuck in the mud" for a good 15 to 20 minutes during playgroup.  Crazy, and here I thought it was just a rug.

Ellie getting some practice in with Eli before her baby brother Huck gets here.

Of course when you have a baby belly in the group there needs to be some time dedicated to touching it and trying to feel the baby kick.  We definitely made time for that today!

Thanks for coming everyone it was great!


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