Friday, October 5, 2012

Meeting Minutes 10.2.12

                                                               Meeting Minutes

Walli Daniel, AOOA President and Donna Cannon joined our meeting. We enjoyed having you both. Thank you ladies!

Walli spoke to us on what it is to be an advocate and shared her story. Thank you!

  Upcoming events:

*Snack Days for the students will be Oct. 15-19th. Fruit, Veggie, and Meat trays, etc. are great. You may leave them in the break room upstairs.

*OktoberFest is Oct. 17-19. We still need volunteers Wednesday and Friday 4 to 7:30 and Thursday 7:30 to close. We also need a volunteer to babysit the kids on Wednesday 4 to 5:30. Please let us know if you can help. If you do bring your children, please bring food for them.

*Spook-O-Ween is Friday Oct. 26th. Please come and enjoy the games and snacks. Any candy donations are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

*Girls Night Out will be Tuesday , Oct. 23rd. Place and time TBD

*Playgroups: There is a thread on the fb page for afternoon playgroups. If you are interested please have a look. Also, the Pumpkin Patch playgroup will be this month so keep a lookout for that. Great photos of the kids!!

 AOOA Sponsored Events:

*Tulsa University Tailgate Party. It will be $10/person. This includes everything for the night. Please bring your families. Everyone will have a great time!

*OSU Medical Center Doctor Appreciation Oct. 25th. We need 4-5 volunteers. We will have food and drinks to show how much we appreciate the Doctors.

The next meeting will be November 6th @ 6:30. Donna Cannon will be joining us. Hope to see everyone there.

Britney R.
 Donna Cannon, Walli Daniel, Kimberly Smith, Chanel Raines, Brittany Fisher, Kirsten Griffin, Britney Ramkaran, Susan Evilsizer, Terri Priddle, Amber Wilson, Allison Johnston, Joy Vedros, Bekah Petersen, Jami Leavitt, Janelle Norman, Apryl Pritchett, and Crystal Moore.

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