Wednesday, October 17, 2012

National Convention

As you may know this last week was the National Convention, in SAN DIEGO!  The convention was great and there's a lot that I could tell you about the trip, here are the highlights...

*The Scenery*

*The Food*

Kansas City BBQ, where the piano scene of Top Gun was filmed.

*The Entertainment*
 Cool receptions with floating acrobats and live bands.

The Zoo!!

Joan Embery and her slew of animals.

*The Education*
Learning about being an advocate from the national level and sitting in on their meetings was a great experience.

*Extracurricular Activities*
Advocate Fun Run  

*New Friends & Old*
Oh Walli...

After each SAA group gave their reports on what they're are doing to be advocates at their schools, we started exchanging ideas.  We then decided we would love to be able to do this throughout the year and thus decided to start a National SAA fanpage on facebook.  Check it out HERE.  Feel free to comment and join in the conversation.


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