Sunday, October 28, 2012


Well Spook-O-Ween 2012 has come and gone.  Its hard to believe it's already over.  We had so much fun and I honestly wouldn't have been able to pull it off with all of my AWESOME volunteers!!!  I can't go without saying how awesome the students did this year.  We set up boxes every year for candy donations and they exceeded, we had TONS of candy.
Thank you so much!!

I'll just give you the highlights of the night...

*Plenty of Food*

*Hooray for POPCORN*
(Thanks Kari!)

*Yummy Treats*

Amber Wilson (MSIII) and Bekah Petersen (MSIV) went all out with their cupcakes.
Monsters & Spiders

*Great Turn Out*
The Owens (MSIII)
Andrea Clark (MSI) & Chanel Raines (MSII)
The Priddles (MSIII)
Janelle Norman (MSIII) & Airika Robins (MSIII)

All the carnival games went over really well.


*Duck Pond*


*Ring Toss*

 A few of my wonderful volunteers.
Kirsten Griffin (MSI), Kari Ransdell (MSII), Allison Johnston (MSII) 

If they weren't entertained by the games we also had 2 JumpJumps set up.

Andrew (MSIII) got some cuddles from Miss Afton.

Lots of cool costumes! 

One of our members, Jami Leavitt (MSI), was so gracious to set up a little station for everyone to get their picture taken.  She did a great job!!  You can see the photos here.

We missed some people, as they had already headed home, but here's a good bit of the SAA members who were there.
Such a fun night, can't wait till next year.  ;)


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  1. Yes, I still follow the blog! So fun to see so many new faces as part of the SAA! Looks like such a wonderful time.


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